Yurbuds – The Earbud Enhancer

At the point when I initially caught wind of Yurbuds I was wary. You see Yurbuds are no customary earbuds. Truth be told, they aren’t earbuds in any way. They are earbud enhancers and they are intended to give an agreeable fit. The Yurbuds are essentially intended for the default iPod earbuds. The default iPod earbuds have a level shape, so they effectively drop out of ears. Yurtopia, the Yurbuds maker, chose to cure this issue and produce to some degree a spread for earbuds

The Yurbuds are professed to be uniquely fit, however that isn’t the truth. What you need to do is send an image of your ear with a reference object-a coin or the standard iPod earbuds. Yurtopia then uses “FitScan” innovation, breaks down your ear shape and sends you one of the prebuild Yurbuds that coordinates your ear shape the best. In the event that you have an iPhone, at that point you can utilize the “Size Yur Ear” application. Everything you do is snap a photo with your iPhone and it will naturally move to Yurtopia

The Yurbuds spread is produced using “clinical evaluation” silicon. From the start, the Yurbuds look awkward to utilize. In all actuality, you will be shocked by how well they fit. The upside of the to some degree tweaked fit is that the earbuds fit very a ways into your ear. Not at all like most stock earbuds, where you should change the tops and just on the off chance that you are fortunate you will get a solid match. The Yurbuds divert all your music into your ear channel. Anyway they don’t segregate commotion totally. The Yurbuds are intended to give a portion of the outside commotion access to your ear- – probably for security reasons.

There are a few significant things you should consider before black pods purchasing Yurbuds. Size is significant. Have an over the top space between your ear and the bud – you won’t have the option to hear your music totally. In the event that you have excessively little of a space, you will feel distress. With the perfect measure of room, you will overlook the Yurbuds are even there. So when sending the photograph of your ear with the reference object, make sure the picture is understood, the lighting is acceptable and that the emphasis is on your ear and not your face (zoom into your ear)

The significant impediment of the Yurbuds is the way that in the event that you have a terrible earbud to begin with, there isn’t a lot of the Yurbuds can upgrade. The standard iPod earbuds are fair. They are just made somewhat better with the Yurbuds. The genuine advantage of Yurbuds is the point at which you use them with different earbuds. In any case, Yurtopia doesn’t give any perfect models on their site. You should get in touch with them and inquire as to whether your earbud model is good. For the most part in the event that it is a similar size as the stock Apple earbuds, at that point you are fine.

At $20 Yurbuds are an incredible venture. You get custom fitted earbud covers, a couple of stock Apple earbuds and a guidance manual on the most proficient method to put the Yurbuds on. Yurbuds are accessible on the web, however most retailers additionally sell them. I’d suggest purchasing Yurbuds on the web, so you can get them custom fitted. On the off chance that you purchase Yurbuds in a store you just get two sizes. The significant use for Yurbuds is for utilizing them on different earbuds, as opposed to the stock iPod ones. Reach the Yurtopia support in advance. You will be happy you did: Yurbuds are an excellent earbud enhancer – giving incredible commotion detachment and sound centering for your ear.

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